Monday, 12 September 2016

Why I love to be in Toptal

I'm passioniate about creating something of value. Receiving a reward from someone in some form is a sign of acceptance of that value. Toptal is making a value statement to its clients with a promise to bring in the best in a subject area. It's the expectation of Toptal that when rigorous screening of the value provider is undertaken, value receiver benefits and returns for more.

I love programming. I love creating strong design before coding so that there are no fundamental issues or major reworks later on. I've done programming in a few languages and I love learning newer ones to keep myself updated. Programming gives a sense of creation like no other. The happiness of seeing a working application is unmatcable.

I also love delivering complex solutions which require multiple skill sets to put together the solution. For example, a mobile app requires graphic designer, UI developer, database expert, integration developer and a tester. Though I can be a full stack developer, I love orchestrating all these skill sets, solutioning and delivering the final solution by collaboration, coordination, goal clarity and time bound delivery approach.

All of these create extraordinary value for someone who is looking for a technology solution to drive his/her core business. Therefore I just love being part of Toptal, create value, get rewarded and be known for and be satisfied of fulfilling some mission.

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