Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Following is a list of online sites where you can learn software development

Please add more sites in the comments to help others

What are the benefits of learning software development or website development?

Learning any new skill directly relates to chances of increasing your pay, salary or getting a higher position in current or new company. Good luck, you are in the right place to get motivated. Keep visiting this site, since it is constantly updated and share with your friends, they will thank you and love you for that.

Following table gives the major online sites to learn Software development and Website development. Usually online has cheaper prices than any physical class room courses you may plan to attend, so it is worth checking.

Click on the links below to explore and compare. Please leave a comment for any help. It needs a clearly timed plan, commitment and daily routine learning to become an expert

S Click on the Online training course link below Description
1 Coursera Wonderful site, with many free courses
2 Khan Academy Very nice site, with many free courses
3 Very useful site, with many quality courses
4 Stanford online Stanford is offerning the same quality courses online for free, make use of it
5 MIT online Massachusets Institute of Technology (MIT) is offerning the same quality courses online for free, make use of it
6 Columbia university online Columbia university is offerning the same quality courses online for free, make use of it
7 Programming with electronics and motherboards, Internet of Things etc This is a great website to learn from and it is free

There are more websites to come to add here. This is like a community of forward looking, dreamers, achievers and would be greats. Share this awesome website with your family, friends, co-workers and your circle to motivate more people to learn and achieve higher pay, promotion and better job with perks or simply to become Entreprenuers

Also visit the following web pages, they are extremly useful. Please leave a comment

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